IMG_0721“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” ~Confucius~

Many secondary students are focused on what their lives will look like after high school. Stress and anxiety often rule the day, however, with Social Media taking the lead.

Delivered remotely/online via the Zoom video-conferencing platform, and utilizing the perspective of student-voice, students learn how to create inspiring and purposeful content that supports their goals and hopes and dreams.

Through storytelling, real-world experiences and advice from post-secondary decision-makers, this session speaks directly to the real impact that a students’ online content will have on their personal and professional opportunities and reputations.

The presentation is delivered from the belief that an inspiring and realistic series of examples cultivates hope, skills and confidence and far outweighs a message grounded in fear, loss and risk.

We encourage students to embrace balance around screen-time and to derive contentment away from the screen without missing out on anything meaningful.

Learning takeaways; Students learn step-by-step how to build, maintain and enrich their online experience by creating and managing authentic, compelling content that reflects their true selves. Creating inflated and embellished content is discouraged. Case studies and relevant, real-life examples are illustrated. The exercises students undertake are sustainable, repeatable and easy to execute. Five important criteria are emphasized: Listen More, Post Less, Stay Relevant, Add Value, Be Respectful.


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