j0433058In February 2007, a student and parent-focused workshop titled “Facebook 101” was introduced at the Halton District School Board’s inaugural Parent Involvement evening.

Today, “Social Media Fitness” delivers from the perspective that many of us are connected 24/7 across a variety of social apps and platforms. And that the old way of teaching students and others from the primary perspective of risk and fear is simply that; old – and redundant – and done. Rather, we support students’ (and others) natural technology skills by illustrating, in detail and through hands-on examples and stories, the significant upside to telling your story responsibly and with character, integrity and honesty.

When purpose and relevance of content are introduced to students in a school presentation, incidents of bullying and inappropriate and embarrassing content tend to diminish. This approach is grounded in joy, hope and inspiration that gradually embraces the whole school community.

Whether speaking in a school, corporate, conference or non-profit setting, our belief is that Social Media, used with purpose and practiced skill, can be a game-changer in many peoples’ lives. Because, to us, it’s not about any specific Social Media platform. Social Media apps, unto themselves, do not create inappropriateness, loss of reputation or personal and professional embarrassment. They’re simply vehicles of choice used to express ourselves. Apps are just things. To us, it’s about creating intentional, well-considered and respectful content with the goal of building relationships and reputation that endure in richness, depth and mutual enjoyment. Learn more.