IMG_0721The world, socially, as we know it, is altered. And it’s changed how we deliver our Digital Intelligence series of programs, workshops and presentations. While our fundamental message and philosophy remain steadfast, how we come to you is now different.

Welcome to the world of online/remote gathering and learning; of hanging out together in front of our screens as we talk, learn, laugh and reflect.

We are connected 24/7, more-so since March of 2020. And we maintain that teaching students and others about Social Media from the perspective of risk and fear is outdated, redundant and done. Instead, we produce tangible results and deeper engagement with a message built around learning and new skills, hope and inspiration.

We’ve also transformed our delivery system. Via the learning platform of your choice; Zoom, Google Meet or MS Teams, folks have told us that their experience is more personal, engaging, spontaneous and vibrant.

We’re so grateful.

So, welcome. We’re glad you’re here. And we’re honoured to be a part of supporting your online learning journey.