IMG_0721Physical distancing measures and COVID protocols mean that most large gatherings of students in gyms and auditoriums will not be possible for the 2020/21 school year. With that, the value of outside presentations and workshops is not diminished. It simply means that the delivery system has to be revised.

Social Media and social apps dominate student life. In a COVID-19 world, they are relied upon even more to build relationships, establish connections and stay in the loop.

Educators have asked us about delivering our presentations and workshops to smaller groups such as individual classes or a specific grade, online, directly into the classroom. To this we responded with a resounding, YES!!


  • With the teacher as intermediary, the session is run through the online learning platform of your choice; Zoom, Google Meet, MS Teams, etc. We are on the screen engaging directly with you and your students. The session is vibrant, entertaining and interactive – and every student has a voice
  • We illustrate how your students’ online content is evaluated by elements of their future. And how to cultivate a value-set that they own and use as a benchmark to their online content. Students begin using social media with purpose and tend to view screen-time more intentionally, which can reduce stress, anxiety and other social issues
  • For younger students (grades 4-6), many of them are already connected and experiencing some level of pressure and anxiety to compete, socially, and be constantly in the loop. This session engages them as we share relevant safety strategies. And through storytelling, how social media will inform their attention and values – and shape their relationships and reputations


  • Because the learning is online/remote, and in smaller groups (the classroom), your students have the benefit of a personalized experience and social media coach who supports them with the positive power and reach of social media in their lives
  • We are often available to “drop-in” to reinforce a lesson or concept should an issue or incident arise
  • All of the above can be duplicated for your faculty PD sessions, online

If this personalized online learning experience looks like it will support your students and educators, let’s talk: