About Chris

“Listen ~ Connect ~ Engage” are Chris Vollum’s three core beliefs around Social Media. By first listening to understand and appreciate your audience’s journey, natural win-wins often develop that serve to build rich, meaningful and lasting relationships.

An Oakville-based parent, Chris is a widely-recognized educator on numerous social platforms including Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Snapchat.

Passionate about the remarkable potential of Social Media, Chris can usually be found in a school gym, auditorium, corporate venue or conference inspiring people to take what they do every-day online, and transform it from average to AWESOME through the lens of gratitude, integrity, clarity and intention.

Eleven years and more than 700,000 school, corporate and non-profit participants later, Chris believes that inspiring an individual’s potential with a positive, interactive experience consistently trumps fear-based teaching. Through relatable and current exercises and stories, participants develop practical skills to post online content that reflects their innate value, respect and relevance.

“How is your Social Media content contributing to your future?”