IMG_0721“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.”~Confucius~

Driven from the perspective of student-voice, relevant storytelling, and real-world examples, we demonstrate what gratitude, character and purpose on Social Media looks like – and link it to student-life, online.

What students post today absolutely does matter tomorrow and will impact them both short and long-term. As well, the pursuit of drama and their Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) often contributes to feelings of stress, anxiety and other issues. The presentation is roughly 55 minutes in length and includes time for student and faculty Q&A.

Learning takeaways; through a series of exercises centred around two questions; What and Why, students evaluate the importance, value and substance of online friends and followers – and the fact that their self-worth is not defined by their Likes.

Because your students’ “Whats and Whys” are self-generated, they learn to think critically that “posting with purpose” is grounded in gratitude, mindfulness and intention. A students’ deep need to be externally validated through their posted content (Likes, Comments, Shares and Favourites) diminishes and instead is replaced by five important criteria: Listen More, Post Less, Stay Relevant, Add Value, Be Respectful.


In response to educator requests to visit their classroom and speak with students following the presentation, we now include two online follow-up, in-class visits throughout the year. It’s an opportunity to do Q&A, update content, and engage students with new ideas, insights and strategies.

*** The frequency of follow-up visits outlined below is a guideline contingent upon your class schedule, other activities, available time, and as requested by the teacher and/or students. ***

  • *** Two times throughout the year, scheduled around your timetable and priorities, we are back in your class, via Zoom, to catch up and do Q&A, demonstrate new app ideas, strategy and best practices. The revisit schedule is optional throughout the year
  • Benefit #1; students anticipate the revisits and opportunity to re-engage and bring their questions, ideas and concerns to a smaller, more intimate setting – the classroom, whole grade or other venue
  • Benefit #2; if the teacher wishes to schedule a call outside of the scheduled revisit, an email or text to us with a time that works, is always available
  • Benefit #3; your students have a skilled social media coach available to them throughout the school year who supports them with the positive power, digital leadership and reach of social media in their lives