Are Students Really Leaving Facebook?

IMG_0001I’m not a social scientist, whatever that is (heard someone describe themselves as that this week, but they couldn’t really explain it). But I know things, I hear things, and I ask about things, a lot – with the students that I teach. And having been in four different secondary schools this past week in Lakefield, Scarborough, Kitchener and Oakville, I thought I would ask all 5,100 of them; “Who still has an active Facebook account?” Most all of them do. “Who has checked into their Facebook account within the past week.” Almost everyone. “Who uses Facebook less than they used to.” About half, with most still using it regularly. But here’s the rub; students/teens are using Facebook with a more defined and specific purpose – like a utility. They login, scan their News Feed, add content when they have something to say or to apprise their friends of, contribute to their friend’s conversations and content – and move along to their other social sites, apps and activities. (more…)

BYOD and Student Reality

imageI had the opportunity recently to sit with a group of secondary school students to listen and understand how they mostly use their mobile devices and tablets. What I discovered, and quasi-knew through many conversations and student interviews this past summer, is the disparity between the reality as to how students use and prefer to use their devices and the excellent efforts put forth to embrace technology in the classroom through initiatives such as 21st Century Learning, flipped classrooms and “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD).