21st Century Learning

Conversations with a Principal

I had the opportunity recently to chat with Chris Moore, principal at Indian Creek Rd. Public School in the Lambton Kent District School Board in Chatham. Chris also moderates the Ontario Principal Council’s Twitter chat, #opcchat. I had spoken at Chris’ school a few weeks prior on the benefits of social media as they apply to student’s lives and was curious as to the openness and comfort level with technology that he and others at the school demonstrated.


Principal Moore and myself

~ Chris used his iPhone for one week to become completely mobile within the walls and schoolyard of his school ~

What emerged from our conversation, above all else, was not only Chris’ absolute buy-in and adoption of technology but how to take what is available today regarding social apps, platforms and various messaging systems, and introduce, support and model their use to his school community. Suffice to say that students love it. (more…)

BYOD and Student Reality

imageI had the opportunity recently to sit with a group of secondary school students to listen and understand how they mostly use their mobile devices and tablets. What I discovered, and quasi-knew through many conversations and student interviews this past summer, is the disparity between the reality as to how students use and prefer to use their devices and the excellent efforts put forth to embrace technology in the classroom through initiatives such as 21st Century Learning, flipped classrooms and “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD).