IMG_0721“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” ~Confucius~

How are future influencers and decision-makers evaluating your students’ online content? During elementary school, not so much. But in secondary school are decision-makers making choices based on your students’ online content over academic and other tangible metrics? They absolutely are. And even if your elementary students aren’t yet fully engaged into the social media experience, skills, character development and purpose don’t suddenly become a learned skill in grade 12.

The Faculty Experience invites educators to go hands-on with devices into today’s most prominent social apps and platforms. You’ll learn how your students are being evaluated and how to encourage and guide them to create content that inspires, expresses gratitude, builds relationships and attracts the attention, respect and genuine interest of peers, future influencers and mentors.

A critical aspect of the Faculty Experience is to address and develop strategies around the growing levels of stress, anxiety and other issues that often overwhelm students to the point of functional paralysis. While we’re strong advocates to the benefits of Social Media, much of the downside is rooted within the world of social apps and platforms.

Learning takeaways; Similar to the parent experience, this is an interactive, relaxed and user-friendly session. Faculty will walk away with clarity, confidence, joy and new skills on how to support and discuss the benefits, functionality and risks of social apps and platforms from a pedagogical perspective with their students, and peers. Ultimately, fear and uncertainty is replaced with skill, enthusiasm and creativity on how Social Media can be used within and outside of the classroom.