IMG_0721The most frequent request we’ve received over 13 years of teaching best practices on social media is, “do we teach a hands-on-with-devices style workshop?”

The Hands-on-with-Devices workshop is a deep and active dive into the visual features, functionality and best practices of today’s most prominent social apps and platforms; Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat.

The workshop differs from the Webinar in that you have your mobile device/smartphone with you and actively follow along on-screen through the same apps that we are using. Some folks prefer to just watch the workshop and make their own notes as we work through the apps.

If you plan on working through the apps as they’re being demonstrated, our advice is to watch the workshop on a separate device such as a tablet or computer. If you’re observing only, then the same device is fine.


  • The workshop is run via the Zoom video conferencing app. Easy to use and available as a free download in iTunes, Google Play or on the web at their site (their blue camera app icon, above)
  • You are a participant in a virtual meeting space – wherever you are in the world. It’s simple, seamless and secure
  • I, Chris, share my iPhone screen with you and you see what I see as I go through the apps. During the workshop you can raise your hand, ask questions and engage as much or as little as you wish
  • This is meant to be a fun and informal learning experience. The only expectation is that you’ve gained insights into social apps and platforms and are inspired to use them with confidence, joy and purpose. And if it helps, that you can support others, too
  • If you are an educator, click here to learn about some ideas on customized in-class and small-group workshops that support you, your students and your school community

From Top L to R; Screen-sharing; Instagram; Snapchat; Snap-map (Snapchat)


  • Small groups, one-on-one and family sessions
  • Schools; in-class sessions to explore more deeply a specific apps’ best practices
  • Sports and other teams
  • Individuals wishing to build skills, confidence and awareness, and eliminate fear and uncertainty around social media

As the effectiveness and ease of online-learning evolves, we are excited to help you understand the power, reach and influence that social media plays in our lives in a way that supports you.

For more information, or to book a session, email us: