IMG_0721Recently, our conversations with educators have been about delivering presentations and workshops to smaller groups such as individual classes or a grade, online, into the classroom.

And would we be willing to revisit the class, online, from time-to-time throughout the year as a support system and in-class social media advisor.


  • With the teacher as intermediary, the session is run through the Zoom app. We are on the screen engaging directly with you and your students around what matters most to them and what they’d like to learn from the session
  • We illustrate how your students are being evaluated by their future, online. From there, step-by-step how to create a value-set that they own and use as a benchmark to their online content. Students begin using social media with purpose and tend to reduce their screen-time, which can reduce stress, anxiety and other social issues
  • As well, illustrating functional app settings and advanced settings. Students begin to understand the process of contributing to others, expressing gratitude and, if desired, being noticed by future influencers
  • For younger students (grades 4-6), many of them are already connected and experiencing some level of pressure and anxiety. This session engages them as they interact directly via your smartboard. We share how social media will shape their relationships and reputations. Finally, time for Q&A and teaching relevant safety strategies


*** The frequency of follow-up visits outlined below is a guideline contingent upon your class schedule, other activities, available time, and as requested by the teacher and/or students. ***

  • A few days after the initial session we connect with the teacher to gather feedback and any loose ends such as questions that arose from the session
  • *** Two times throughout the year, scheduled around your timetable and priorities, we are back in your class, via Zoom, to catch up and do Q&A, demonstrate new app ideas, strategy and best practices. The revisit schedule is optional throughout the year
  • Benefit #1; students anticipate the revisits and opportunity to re-engage and bring their questions, ideas and concerns to a smaller, more intimate setting – the classroom or other venue
  • Benefit #2; if the teacher wishes to schedule a call outside of the scheduled revisit, an email or text with a time that works for both of us is always available
  • The Educator Benefit; all of the above can be duplicated for your PD sessions and monthly staff meetings. Quick check-ins to catch up and go over anything new in social media, best practices and pedagogical strategy
  • The Takeaway; your students have a skilled social media coach available to them throughout the school year who supports them and teaches them the positive power and reach of social media in their lives

If this personalized experience looks like it will support your students and educators, let’s talk: