IMG_0721Social apps and platforms have changed our lives, mostly for the better. In other cases, however, not so much.

The most common request we receive following our in-person Digital Intelligence presentations and workshops is, “do we run hands-on-with-devices” workshops that go deeper into an app’s features, functionality and best uses? Yes, we do!!


Using your smartphone, tablet or computer, and in the comfort of wherever you are in the world, you actively participate in, or simply observe, the interactive Hands-on-with-Devices Social Media Workshop. We share our iPhone screen with you in real-time so that you see what we see as we demonstrate, step-by-step, common and advanced features, functionality and best uses of today’s most prominent social apps and platforms; Twitter, Instagram, Facebook – and the most requested, Snapchat. It’s that simple – and seamless.


From L to R: Screen-sharing; Instagram; Snapchat; Snap-map (Snapchat)

The purpose of the workshop is to equip you with confidence, inspiration and knowledge as to the positive power of social platforms. Your learning takeaway is that the workshop eliminates any fear, uncertainty and pre-conceptions you might have with social media and replaces them with a relevant skill-set that supports you.


  • Large, single-venue presentations
  • Small groups, one-on-one and family sessions
  • Schools; in-class sessions to explore more deeply a specific apps’ best practices
  • Sports and other teams
  • Individuals wishing to leverage social media to build meaningful relationships

As the effectiveness and ease of distance-learning evolves, we are thrilled to help you better understand the power, reach and influence that social media plays in our lives today, and to use it in a way that supports your goals.

To learn more about how these workshops can be customized to achieve your objectives, email us: chris@cmvsocialmedia.com.