IMG_0721The analog generation is done; cassettes, wall-mounted rotary-dial telephones – and party lines. Social Media is now ubiquitous in the world and has created a massive shift in communication, engagement and access to information. Hundreds of millions of people are connected, 24/7. We need to be engaged, too.

Delivered at your workplace, this special “Social Media Fitness” workshop goes full-on into today’s most influential social apps and platforms. You’ll learn to;

  • Explore the Power of Snapchat
  • View the World Through Instagram
  • Discover Practical Uses for Twitter
  • Create Content and Engage with Purpose
  • Increase Online Confidence and Skill

For participants that are also parents, this workshop is especially relevant as most students today define themselves, their relationships and their self-image through Social Media content.

Finally, understand how future influencers in students’ lives are evaluating their online content – and how to redefine it to build Character, Integrity and Influence, online. The Social Media Fitness experience will celebrate and empower you to move forward into using social media apps and platforms with confidence, joy and skill.

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